[Reminder] Course Selection for the new semester

Dear all,

Good day!!! 
Just a quick reminder for next semester for your reference!
- GSIA2012FallClassTimeTable[2]: it's for 2nd year students and you're the 2nd year students next semester. Time files, right?! :)
- GSIA2012FallClassTimeTable[1]: it's for freshmen and this timetable could be reference for our 5-yr students and the students who enrolled at 2012 spring! :)
I would apologize that some courses probably will be revised if there is any change happened, including of faculty, time, classroom, or so on.
PS1: The course titled as seminar on foreign affairs probably will be either Monday afternoon or Wednesday morning.
PS2: Please be noted that the 5-yr program students whose course selection period will be at next semester starts.
Here is the information about the courses selection for your reference:
* Adding and dropping of initial selections courses:
        -- For all students: 5/29 from 12.30pm to 5/31  9am
* Adding and dropping courses:
        -- For all students: 9/11 from 12.30pm to 9/19  12.30pm
Just a kind reminder, the maximum credit load for each semester is 15 and the minimum is 3 for your reference. The next semester will begin at September 10, 2012.
Thank you so much and have a lovely weekend!!!
Best regards,
Loran Chao