MCU GSIA&IAD Spring semester course information

Dear All,

Welcome back to MCU.

The spring semester will start from February 17th  (Mon),2014. Please take note to the following information.


1. The online add/drop course will start from February 17(12:30 pm) to February  26(12:30 pm). 

Different years have different add/drop time.

    - GSIA(Second year students) -February 17(12:30 pm) to February 26(12:30pm)

    - GSIA(First year students)-February 18(12:30 pm) to February 26(12:30 pm)

    - IAD(Sophomore)-February 19(12:30 pm) to February 26(12:30 pm)

    - IAD(Freshman)-February 20(12:30 pm) to February 26(12:30 pm)


2. Please check the attached file where you will find the Spring semester calendar that have all the detail informations about GSIA & IAD activities

      -Some important days to GSIA & IAD: 

     a. GSIA Academic Conference- March 29th(Saturday),2014

    - submission date for thesis will be announced later.

(all of presenters need to submit their thesis at least to chapter three) 

    - Presenting thesis in a conference is one of GSIA graduate requirement

     b. GSIA second year students will end class in week 14 (May 19-23,2014 (Gradate class ONLY))

     c. Graduation Ceremony is on June 7(Taoyuan campus)

     d. Spring semester will end on week 18 (June 20)


3. All of students need to be on time to add/drop course, please check the    

   attached file to find how to add/drop course.

    - GSIA second year students, please be aware that total graduate credits are 43.

      (18 required credits ,19 elective courses, and 6 thesis credits) 

    - GSIA second year students,you  can alsocheck your graduation credits by yourself.

      Regarding the procedure, please check the attached file (畢業學分檢查-Graduation self-check)

   -GSIA students please do not forget to take the TOEIC exam, 

      English examination is also one of the graduation requirements (TOEIC at least 750 )


4. IAD freshman students note that all of you need to select your elective course by yourself,

   Office suggests you to choose all of the elective course because according to past experiences

 IC will open the same elective course every year.

    [Elective course:  Western Art Appreciation,Dr. Haffner]

   [Please check the attached file  (學生線上選課流程 the procedure of add&drop course) ] for the add/drop procedure 



因 國際學院每學期所開設的選修課都是相同的,如果你今年不選擇,依循過往 通常還是只會開一樣的一門課。

(線上選課流程請參考副件名:學生線上選課流程 the procedure of add&drop course)


5. If you lose your tuition fee bill, you can also print the bill by yourself.

   Please check the attached file:學生繳費列印流程1225-1 for the procedure.


Best wishes!



GSIA&IAD 2013-14 (Second Semester) Calendar


畢業學分檢查-Graduation self-check

學生線上選課流程 the procedure of add&drop course