2020 Conference on the Development of Cross Regional Cooperations: Choices Amidst Constraints

As usual the annual conference of International Affair’s Master’s/ Diplomacy Bachelor’s Programs was held as scheduled this year! And the topic this year is “The Development of Cross Regional Cooperations: Choices Amidst Constraints.” Importantly, this year is different from previous year as IAD has invited the former president of the Republic of China, Dr. Ma, Ying-jeou to be key note speaker of the conference. 

It is believed that President Ma has made a lot of contribution to the safety and prosperity of Taiwan during his 8 years term. He not only solved the many social problems but also made some great achievements in the diplomatic field. For students of both GSIA and IAD Program they have learned a lot from President Ma’s experiences in handling diplomacy of Taiwan.

President Ma uses historical approach leading students to know the background of Cross-Strait relations in the past. He also talked about the efforts and strategies of Taiwan in his term. Having the opportunities to learn policy and strategies that cannot be learned from textbooks, students did pay attention to what he said carefully. To be honest, GSIA and IAD students really gained a lot of knowledge about Cross-Strait relations and challenges that Taiwan has been facing. After speech students raised some questions and got feedbacks from President Ma. The end of conference President Ma joined a group photo with all participants. 

All in all, this is a truly successful conference this year.