2018 Taiwan Youth and Overseas Expatriate Bridging Program (the U.S.A.)

Another one of our student who got in the “2018 Taiwan Youth and Overseas Expatriate Bridging Program” is Yu Ting Chen. Let’s see her abundant experience throughout this program.


IC IAD Senior, Becky:
It was my first visit to Florida, the southern part of the United States— Miami and Orlando through the “2018 Taiwan Youth and Overseas Expatriate Bridging Program“ held by Overseas Community Affairs Council.

The visit is truly a rewarding experience that cannot be described in words. The common goal of overseas Taiwanese is nothing more than helping those who are living abroad to expand people-to people diplomacy through these overseas communities. It felt great that I can actually put knowledge I have learnt from school into practice, whether it is Taiwan’s current international situation, how should the diplomatic relation be changed or how to rectify domestic salary income to avoid brain drain. By having dialogue with them, I’ve learned that if we see Taiwan from a world perspective, the thinking will be completely different.

With series of discussions and visiting to different companies, government, I’ve discovered our weaknesses as youth and learnt further communication skills and public speaking. What’s more, I was astonished by not only their patriotism, enthusiasm but deeply felt their worries, expectations for Taiwanese youth, and their desire to make contribution to Taiwan.

Although we only spent a week to visit, it was indeed an eye-opening experience. I therefore strongly recommend those who are interested in international affairs and how overseas Taiwanese develop people-to-people diplomacy abroad by breaking through obstacles and working hard to become who they are today. to become who they are today. The impact of this program is far beyond my expectation in every aspects!

Participants: Yu Ting Chen

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