2018 Discovery Ming Chuan

Discovery Ming Chuan is an activity for High School students to experience university life.
This year's Diplomacy Camp is hosted by our program which allows High School students to experience what university student studies, and the excitement of being a university student.
We prepared three courses for the participants:
Morning session - Dr. Nathan Liu introduces the development and features of the program. Then Michel Ching-long Lu, an experienced ambassador, telling student how he carried forward Taiwan with his unique and Taiwanese cultural ways. Then we have Dr. Emily Chow introducing cross-culture communication and its importance in today's world.
In the afternoon, our sophomore students lead the participants to play games and also shared their experiences of our program. The activity brought the high school students to interact with our students, and at the same time, understood what it is to be a diplomacy student. This surely allows them to have in mind their plans for the program they want to do in the future.