2018 Youth Ambassadors


I. Project: 2018 Youth Ambassadors

II. Adviser: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC

III. Organizer: Ming Chuan University International Affairs Master’s / Diplomacy Bachelor’s Programs

IV. Project Theme: Taiwan’s Youth, Citizens of the World

V.  Participants: All College students with ROC citizenship can apply personally. 75 students will be recruited and divided into three visiting groups.

VI. Visiting Period: 2017/08/27-2017/09/05VII. Visiting Period: 2017/08/27-2017/09/05

VIII. Exchange places: 

一、Palau- Philippines

二、Solomon Islands - Thailand


More information please check here (link is external) (link is external). (check here 網址https://bit.ly/2CRXqqP)