2018 Mosaic Taiwan


2018 Mosaic Taiwan

       The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Taiwan have again successfully organized a fellowship program for students from ally countries such as the United States and Canada, ages between 20-35 to travel to Taipei, Taiwan from the 10th of June to the 23rd of June, 2018 and share with Taiwanese young leaders their like-mindedness in promoting business, networking and governmental exchange. The program set to promote values such as, democracy, freedom, human rights and peace. The program was first launched in 2014 and thus has further given opportunity for the young professionals of Taiwan to gain firsthand insight of business, networking and many more invaluable opportunities provided by participants of the program. Program will also ensure a mass culture exchange through workshops, seminars, meetings and also tours throughout Taiwan’s cultural, historic and tourist sites according to the two weeks’ schedule. A sense of exchange and understanding through this program will indefinitely ensure participants develop leadership skills as well as a good sense of professionalism.

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From the 10th of June to the 23rd of June, 2018, total for 2 weeks.

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