NGO People to People Camp 2013 (Taoyuan)


I. Project: NGO People to People Camp 2013 (Taoyuan)

II. Date: 2013/11/23

III. Venue: Taoyuan Chuto Hotel

IV. Organizer: Ming Chuan University International Affairs Master's / Diplomacy Bachelor's Programs

V. Co-organizer: Taiwan Honsha Charity Foundation

VI. Adviser: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC

VII. Activity Descriptions:
  Due to the disappearance of the original industry, population begin to outflow and the whole community to decay. In order to rebuild the community, it is important to restart from the fields of local culture, distinguishing industries, living aesthetics, social education, community art performances. This project will provide a forum for specialists, local historians and local residents to discuss and promote related activities. It aims to promote tourism industry, environmental preservation, manpower cultivation, and community development. The ultimate goal is to achieve the sustainable developments of communities.

VIII. Participants: Workers from national or regional NGO workers, college students, government employee, Ming Chuan alumni