NGO People to People Camp 2013 (Nantou)


I. Project: NGO People to People Camp 2013 (Nantou)

II. Date: 2013/07/09

III. Venue: Lugu Farmers Association, Nantou County

IV. Organizer: Ming Chuan University International Affairs Master's / Diplomacy Bachelor's Programs

V. Co-organizer: Lugu Life Tea Club, Lugu Farmers Association

VI. Adviser: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC

VII. Activity Discriptions: 
  Tea has become a kind of knowledge economy, cultural innovative industry, and healthy leisure product. Marketing Taiwanese tea to the world requires understanding the global trend and educating local tea farmers. The biggest task is to educate people how to promote the Taiwan’s art of tea around the world, and thereby increase the publicity of Taiwanese quality tea.
Lugu, the home of Kongding Oolong Tea, is famous for its daily sun and fog and its scenic mountains. Tea Life Club in Lugu Township was founded in 1995 and becomes a locally featured NGOs. It aspires toward finding inner peace and learning to drink teas with a critical appreciation of its taste and quality. Over the past ten years, it has made lots of contributions to promote the art of tea. In recent years, the club has many exchanges with foreign tea-lovers and plays an important role of ‘cultural diplomat”.

VIII. Participants: Lugu Township people, College students in Nantou County, Ming Chuan faculty, students, and alumni