NGO People to People Camp 2013 (Yilan)


I. Project: NGO People to People Camp 2013 (Yilan)

II. Time: 2013/10/26

III. Venue: Farming Resort of Kuang Chuan Dairy Co. in Yi-lan

IV. Implementer: Ming Chuan University International Affairs Master’s / Diplomacy Bachelor’s Programs 

V. Organizer: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC

VI. Co-organizer: Yi-lan Lifeline Foundation

VII. Activity descriptions:
  "Humanitarianism" is one of the core values for Taiwan to conducting international affairs and upheld by many domestic NGOs. Internally and Internationally, NGO workers will encounter people from many different cultures. If we can understand more about different cultures and ethnicities, the service from the NGO will be better accepted and respected. This project will help NGO workers to appreciate and respect different cultures and thereby improve the quality of professional service.

VIII. Participants: NGO workers, people with interest in humanitarian aid and aboriginal peoples’ issues, volunteers and supervisors in Yi-lan Lifeline Foundation