NGO People to People Camp 2013 (Ping-tung)


I. Project: NGO People to People Camp 2013 (Pingtung)

II. Date: 2013/11/16

III. Venue: School for Assistance Dogs in Pingtung

IV. Implementer: Ming Chuan University International Affairs Master’s / Diplomacy Bachelor’s Programs

V. Organizer: Help-Save-A-Pet Fund Taiwan, World Animal Day

VI. Adviser: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC

VII. Activity Descriptions:
  Due to the late development of animal rights in Taiwan, it is rather difficult to promote it for Taiwan’s NGOs. Through the cooperation between the government and the NGOs, it will be easier to promote the consciousness of animal rights and animal protection. This project aims to discuss and promote the current cooperative model of animal protection in Taiwan and those who are interested in this issue will gain more knowledge about how to protect animals.

VIII. Participants: Workers from national or regional NGOs, college students, government employees, Ming Chuan alumni