2017 Youth Ambassadors


I. Project: 2017 Youth Ambassadors

II. Adviser: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC

III. Organizer: Ming Chuan University International Affairs Master’s / Diplomacy Bachelor’s Programs

IV. Mission: Encourage our young generation to conduct overseas interactions, broaden our young people’s global view, fulfill the responsibility of global citizen, promote the Republic of China, and deepen the bilateral exchanges with countries of Taiwan’s Southbound Policy.

V. Project Theme: New Taiwan Generation, New Southbound Vision

VI. Participants: All College students with ROC citizenship can apply personally. 75 students will be recruited and divided into three visiting groups.

VII. Visiting Period: 2017/08/28-2017/09/06

VIII. Visiting Method: In order to broaden interactions, volunteer work, visiting, and cultural diplomacy will be focused this year. Small and delicate art performances will be organized to display Taiwan’s multiculturalism.

IX. Exchange places: Focus on the New Southbound Policy countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.

2017 Youth Ambassadors Project audition video
2017 Youth Ambassadors Project flag presentation ceremony video

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