Director's Greeting

Dear students:

Starting to recruit both local Taiwanese and international students from 2012, the International Affairs and Diplomacy is the first English-taught undergraduate program majored in the fields of global governance and diplomacy and aimed to meet the demands of the global market and current trend. We already have two batches of graduates studying or working in universities and institutes both at home and abroad and transnational corporations.

In order to enable both the local and international students to keep pace with the development of the global trend and contemporary knowledge, the 100% English-taught program also emphasizes on cultivating students’ world view and international academic exchange capability. Given the English-instructed teaching environment, students need to study harder, which nonetheless facilitates students’ proficiency in the language and presentation skills and is helpful to students’ careers in the future.

Again, thank you for visiting our website and look forward to seeing you on campus.

Dir. of Intl. Aff. and Diplomacy Bachelor's Program