Goals & Objectives


  1. To nurture versatile talents in the field of international affairs and diplomacy.

  2. To build a learning platform focusing on theoretical and practical knowledge of international affairs and diplomacy.

  3. To provide students with an international environment and academic support.


  1. To build a research foundation focusing on theoretical and practical knowledge of international/global governance and international/global business operations:
    • Objectives
      • Continue to enhance the quality of inter-disciplinary course design.
      • Continue to strengthen the core curriculum, which emphasizes both theoretical and practical issues in International Governance, International Business Operations, International Business Negotiation, International Communication, Diplomatic Affairs, International Conference Management and Leadership.
      • Continue to increase the quality of both faculty and students’ research.
      • Continue to develop sub-programs on Asian and Pacific regional research, in addition to the current two sub-programs on international/global governance and international/global business operations.
      • Continue to hold regular international conferences/forums/workshops/seminars on international/global governance and globalization.
  2. To nurture faculty and students with international and global vision of governance and globalization and provide faculty and students with an international environment, cooperation opportunities, and academic support:
    • Objectives
      • Continue to provide high-quality courses taught mainly in English with supplemental academic support in Chinese and bilingual living environment.
      • Continue to increase intellectual diversity by recruiting faculty and students with divere cultural backgrounds.
      • Continue to increase international cooperation opportunities and build an international academic network with partner schools around the world.
      • Continue to receive and send scholars and exchange students with partner schools around the world.
      • Continue to strengthen the supervision system between faculty members and students.
      • Continue to seek funding for research, scholarships and work-study opportunities for committed students.
  3. To train future leaders in a variety of professional settings
    • Objectives
      • Continue to develop links with related organizations, which may provide job opportunities for graduates.
      • Continue to advise qualified students to pursue a career in professions such as academic, government, business, international trade, media, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to become:
        • Diplomats / People’s Diplomats
        • NGO Specialists
        • International Conflict Mediators
        • Global Business Operators
        • International Trade Operators
        • International Market Analysts
        • Risk Management Specialists
        • Financial Investors
        • Specialists on E-Commerce
        • International Conference Professionals
        • Business Negotiators
        • Teachers / Professors
        • Communication Professionals
        • Cross-Cultural Communication Specialists