Brief History


The Graduate School of International Affairs (GSIA) was the first program in Taiwan preparing students to be part of the negotiating elite in global political and economic affairs. In 2014, GSIA transformed to the Master's Program in International Affairs, open to international students only.

Our curriculum features tailored, advanced courses focusing on global governance, global strategy and operations, and international negotiation and communication. All courses are mainly taught in English, with supplementary academic support in Chinese.

Graduating with a master’s degree in International Affairs is a great start for students who wish to achieve excellence in global governance, global business operations, international negotiation, public diplomacy, and global communication, all leading to the road of success.

Corresponding to the trend of campus internationalization and globalization, International Affairs and Diplomacy (IAD) is the first English–taught undergraduate program focused on the fields of international affairs and diplomacy. The program is based on the principle of balance between theory and practice and aimed to meet the demands of the global market and current trends.

IAD started recruiting both local Taiwanese and international students from 2012. As of the 2015-16 academic year, IAD had its first batch of graduates. From 2012-2017, local students were mainly registered MCU students who met the English proficiency requirement. From 2018, this program started to recruit local students from all high schools in Taiwan and also international students overseas.

In order to fulfill the requirements of both teaching/research and internationalization/globalization, the course design of IAD program is focused on professional knowledge and market demands. Faculty members are both from the academic and industry sectors, specializing in global governance, international political economy, international trade, and management. Theory analysis, practicum, analysis of current issues, and case study are methods for the students to learn more about international diplomacy and global governance/globalization. In addition, English-taught courses enable both local and international students to keep pace with the development of global trends and contemporary knowledge.

To sum up, regardless of the short history, the program is fully prepared for cultivating talented professionals in both international diplomacy and global governance, standing on solid ground for the greater challenge in the future.